Matt Barrows picks up the oars and eases his drift boat into the current. He knows the hidden spots where the fish will most likely be holding, and reading the ever changing water he maneuvers the boat into the perfect position for an easy cast. When the line goes taut, and a chrome bright fish fresh from the Pacific Ocean explodes from the gray green water, dances on the surface for a fleeting moment and begins ripping off line, all that experience and knowledge that Matt has accumulated in his lifetime on the water is rewarded.

    Simply put, Matt Barrows loves to fish. And if he is not the one doing the catching, he is just as content to put another fisherman in the ideal position to land a steelhead or salmon. The next time you have a hankering to go fishing, and you want to book a trip with the best guide on the Oregon Coast, give Matt a call.

    -Rick Steber

What, When, Where

Fall Chinook

Starting in mid August, we start fishing for Fall Chinook near the mouths of Oregon's coastal rivers and follow them upstream through the heart of fall and into the early winter

Winter Steelhead

Starting in late December, we start fishing for Winter Steelhead on the upper stretches of Oregon's coastal rivers